Faculty Staff

Postdoc researchers

PhD Candidates


  • Baptiste Pugnaire, ECM Research Training

Former members

  • Guillaume Rabusseau

  • Antoine Bonnefoy
  • Ugo Louche
  • Hongliang Zhong

  • Sylvain Takerkart
    (PhD candidate), Victor Ponce (invited researcher), Emir Hrustic (Master intern), Virginie Villatte (PhD candidate)
  • Mattias Gybels, former PhD candidate
  • Farah Cherfaoui (1st year Bsc Computer Science), Sophie Dambricourt, Claire Béhue (2nd year Bsc Computer Science), Emir Hrustic, Mehdi Bouaziz (1st year Msc Computer Science), Florian Dubost, Célia Chatel, Baptiste Bauvin (2nd year Ecole Centrale Marseille), former interns
  • Sokol Koço, now Postdoc at LITIS, Rouen
  • Anaik Olivero
  • Julien Audiffren, now Postdoc at CMLA, ENS Cachan
  • Thomas Peel, now Research Engineer
  • Adrien Kvartenik, Nicolas Mazzocchi, former interns
  • Emilie Morvant, now Assistant Professor at St-Etienne University
  • Pierre Machart, now Postdoc at INRIA Rennes, in the PANAMA team
  • Raphaël Bailly, now Postdoc
  • Amaury Habrard, now Professor at Laboratoire Hubert Curien, Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Étienne
  • Guillaume Stempfel, now Research Engineer at Genesis, Marseille
  • Marie Szafranski, former Postdoc, now Assistant Professor at ENSIEE, Evry
  • Gauthier Gaide, 1st year Msc Computer Science, now 2nd year Msc Computer Science
  • Mamadou Cissé, former intern
  • Yannick François, former grad intern, now engineer in an IT company

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